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"Paques fete des cloches" (Easter Bell Celebration)
from "Le Petit Journal,"  Illustrated Supplement, 25th Year,  No. 1221,  12 April 1914
Illustration Courtesy of Elizabeth and Jean-Pierre Vitu  (Perpignan, France)
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    [ Piano, Keyboards, or Harp ]

                         Individual Compositions and Collected Arrangements
                An Album for the Carillon  
in Two Volumes
            Hymn Tunes, Folk Songs & Ceremonial Music, Settings & Arrangements
                                  Volume I    
[A-M alphabetical by tune title or name]  (39 pages)
                                  Volume II  
[N-Z  alphabetical by tune title or name]  (39 pages)
                                              Title Pages, Tables of Contents, Notes, Music Scores, Afterword
[Softbound  8 ½ x 11, 28 lb. grade paper]   

      A Cranbrook Suite  for Carillon  (10 pages) 
  Prelude on Nicaea
II.   Siciliana and Menuet on Erhalt uns Herr 
                          III.   Finale on Old 100th

Elegy  for Carillon   (4 pages)

      A Tripych of Martin Luther Hymns  for Carillon  (14 pages)
  Prelude and Fugue on Vom Himmel Hoch
II.   Three Verses on Aus Tiefer Not 
                           III.   Three Variations on Ein Feste Burg

                Sonata in the Baroque Style  for Carillon  (or for Harp, Piano, etc.)  (13 pages)
                             I.   Preludio
                            II.   Aria and Trio; Recitativo
                           III.   Finale

                Three Traditional Anthem Tunes  
for Carillon 
                            National Anthem, America, 
and The Star Spangled Banner

                Jesse's Song: A Hymn of Peace  Duo 
for Carillon  (8 pages)
                                  Formatted in treble and bass clef  (Primo & Secundo) in a traditional two-stave format

                Serenade for Harp  (or for Piano, etc.)  (4 pages)
                                  Also available as a 43 MB .wav harp sound font file

                Perspectives for Carillon Two Audio files from Finale software
                                  Legende, a single movement composition sharing interrelated thematic materials

                                  Sonata, a single movement sonata allegro composition sharing interrelated materials as cited above,
                                  both files derived from a Garritan harp sound font and via a Finale playback .wav file
                                  The music scores are available from The Guild of Carillonneurs at: http://www.gcna.org

        Two Advent Hymn Tunes
Rounded Variations on St. Stephen
       Canon, Air and Coda on Psalm 42

A 2010 Comission originating from Sewanee: The University of the South, to be made available by mutual
                         agreement through Fruhauf Music Publications, and included in FMP's 2022-23 season.



                                     For additional carillon compositions, please consult publication listings available from:
                The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America to view titles and place orders                                                                                  http://www.gcna.org