Ennis Fruhauf
for  Carillon
(4 pages)


       Elegy for Carillon honors the memory of Johan Franco (1908-1988), a dedicated 20th century composer who devoted much of his time and energy to the creation of music for the carillon.

begins as a song without a melody, opening with a somber statement sixteen measures in length. After modulating to a new key, its plaintive ariose theme emerges in the soprano line.  Sequential modulations and reappearances of Elegy’s theme follow in different ranges and voices with increased movement until the melody is stated boldly in the lower pedal notes of the instrument, sounding out against the arpeggiated harmonies of the introduction played in higher registers. In the wake of this dramatic statement,  the intensity abates and draws to  a serene ending.

can be effectively rendered on the piano with judicious octavo basso doublings of the bass line.