Ennis Fruhauf
for  Piano  or  Harp   


        Serenade for Piano or Harp is a gentle venture into the Romantic tradition, presenting a plaintive melody in the soprano line in rising and falling waves of intensity. This thematic presentation gives way to a light and fancifully contrasted middle section.  Where Serenade’s first theme is set in the courtly meter of a sarabande, the second theme is marked by dancing triplet rhythms and elusive episodic development. The strains of the opening sarabande are recapitulated, but the return is altered by a transformation from minor to major mode and further enhanced by the introduction of triplet accompanimental patterns. Serenade ends with a briefly sweet cadential reference to the fanciful escapades of the middle section.

was originally written for performance on the harp but has been revised and edited here for piano performance.

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