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Contacts & Links -- Qs & As

                      Questions, Special Requests, Contact Information  
For questions about  Fruhauf Music Publications, repertoire, special orders or comments:
        by pre-addressed Email      [ FruMus01@aol.com  or  Eafruhauf@aol.com ]
               by USPS -- mailing address:  P.O. Box 22043, Santa Barbara, CA  93121-2043  U.S.A.
                     by phone:  M-F  8-1 pdt  (805) 898-7976
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          Special Orders & Handling -- Shipping, Payments & Information
Payment   Please note: in the event of questions or special handling, customers are asked to wait for Email confirmation of receipt of their orders.  Once the final total is verified, payment can be made in any of the following ways:
      1.)   By  CHECK  (U.S. currency only)  or   MONEY ORDER  mailed to:
Fruhauf Music Publications 
                                        P.O. Box 22043  Santa Barbara, CA 
                                                93121-2043  U.S.A.                                           

By EMAIL CREDIT using PayPal.com (requires buyer registration and online enrollment): log into PayPal account, then provide  your Email address and account information  for purchases, and indicate that you are requesting payment to Fruhauf Music Publications and provide either of the following  business identification Email addresses: frumus01@aol.com or eafruhauf@aol.com.
Shipping  via  USPS Priority Mail  is recommended for its convenience: if a Flat Rate Envelope fee is applicable ($5.15), shipping and handling costs for such deliveries will total  $7.00  per envelope.  For all orders $120 or more, USPS domestic shipping costs are included.  Shipping is also possible by FedEx  and  UPS  on request;  please specify desired carrier and delivery choices under separate Email cover.  Reminder:  USPS also offers Money Orders.   

Special Orders    International orders, bulk orders, rush and special delivery orders, and postal insurance will be accomodated on an individual basis; prepayment and currency exchanges can be detailed and specified by Email along with shipping and handling charges. For a nominal fee, PayPal  offers the convenience of  automatic currency exchanges for international orders.

Copyright Protections    Please note that editions offered by Fruhauf Music Publications are copyrighted materials, and that rights are reserved.  To access the Copyright Register, visit www.loc.gov/copyright.  Address questions regarding permissions, releases or  copyright issues to Ennis Fruhauf (contacts listed above). 

Notice:    FruMusPub.net
, the Internet portal for Fruhauf Music Publications, is designed and maintained by Ennis Fruhauf.  Occasional illustrations are drawn from public domain clip art collections, courtesy of Dover CD-ROM publications, others are drawn from other public domain sources, or as specifically indicated.  In this contemporary Internet medium it is all too easy to extract materials from public access sites without knowing for certain its domain status -- whether public or protected.  FMP apologizes in advance for any incursions into protected domains:  upon notification (contacts listed above), any offending or dubious entry will be amended or removed.

Several Online Addresses 
         Augsburg Fortress  --  www.augsburgfortress.org 
         Concordia Publishing House  --  www.cph.org

         The American Organist  --  www.agohq.org
         The Diapason  --  www.TheDiapason.com
         The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America  --  http://www.gcna.org

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