Ennis Fruhauf
A Cranbrook Suite 
for Carillon

I.    Prelude
on Nicaea 
II.   Siciliana 
and Menuet on Erhalt uns Herr  
III.  Finale 
on  Old 100th

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available 07/202


       A Cranbrook Suite for Carillon was commissioned in 2003 by Christ Church Cranbrook in celebration of their 75th anniversary. The work is dedicated to the memory of the Founders of the church and of the Donors of the Wallace Carillon, and for Christ Church Cranbrook itself.  It is set in the form of a Baroque suite, with each of its three movements based on a hymn tune and prefaced by a brief introductory statement of the melody. Prelude on Nicaea features the hymn tune presented in the pedaled bass line, with short ripieno interpolations between each phrase. The Siciliana and Menuet on Erhalt uns Herr sets the hymn tune in the delicately ornamented format of a Baroque dance movement; a contrasting menuet is introduced, and the siciliana returns to complete a simple rondo structure. Finale on Old 100th is similar to the first movement of the suite in that the hymn melody is sounded by pedaled bass notes, with brief interpolations between each phrase, but this time the meter offers the rolling triplets of a dance movement.

        Jenny King, Carillonneur of Christ Church Cranbrook, steered the Carillon Composition Selection Committee and premiered A Cranbrook Suite on July 4, 2003.