Jesse's Song: A Hymn of Peace, Duo for Carillon

Composition   for  4-Octave Carillon    by     Ennis Fruhauf
[8 pages, 8 ½ x 11,  softbound edition]



Jesse's Song: A Hymn of Peace is a composition for Carillon Duo, woven from two contrasting themes.  It adheres loosely to classical song structures, and its overall sectionalized anatomy can be plotted as: Introduction—themeA—themeB—themeA—themeB—ThemeA(hymn)+B—Introduction—Coda(A'+B). Jesse's Song unfolds eloquently as themes and their extensions, bridges and transitional interludes merge and modulate, then reappear in freshened garb and treatment. 

The score is notated with a traditional great staff as commonly found in keyboard music, with Primo and Secondo parts generally appearing in their respective treble and bass clefs. By separating the two staves with a widened gap, there is space for players to chart and highlight their individual roles wherever they cross from one staff to another.  It is hoped that the informal do-it-yourself format will accomodate individual and combined performance preferences. 

Regarding the tradition of dedications appearing in music scores, Jesse's Song takes its name from a dear feline friend of twelve years who wove intricate circles around me with her gentle comings and goings; it bears witness to her last half year of life and love.  A Hymn of Peace is a heroic prayer for peace: its unique cultural medium draws on romantic carillon traditions and practices of the 19th and 20th centuries.  On yet another level, Duo for Carillon is a compositional project undertaken in the hope that its duet layout will make it far more convenient and rewarding to perform than it would be as a solo; appropriately, its dedication would be addressed to all brave carillonneurs who discover and make music from the following pages.

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