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Choir   St. Cecilia Wymondley   Music
St. Cecilia
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Individual Compositions

A Brief Mass Setting
for Unison Voices and Organ (Rite II)
            Gloria, Kyrie, Alleluia, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei 
        (7 pages; Voice parts for congregational singing (3 pages) included with full score for photo reproduction] 

An English Cantata
for Voices (Soprano and Tenor Solos, SATB Voices) and Organ  (20 pages)
                            1.  Chorus: "We have but faith"  
                            2.  Arioso
: "Strong Son of God"  (Tenor)
                            3.  Aria
: "From all that dwell"  (Soprano)
                            4.  Chorus
: "Let knowledge grow"
                            5.  Duet
: "Eternal are thy mercies"  (Soprano and Tenor)
                            6.  Chorus
: "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow"

A Starlit Night It Was in Bethlehem                   
Christmas Carol:  A 4-Verse Hymn Anthem for Voices (SATB, Treble Solo, SAB, and Unison with descant),
Organ  (8 pages)

Whispered Prayer
A Four-Verse Hymn for Unison Voices and Organ   (4 pages plus booklet cover & notes)

Creator Spirit, Hear Us, Gentle Shepherd
Hymn Anthem for Voices (SATB, SAB, and Unison) and Organ   (7 pages)

  -- "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence"
    A Four-Verse Choral Meditation  for Unison Choir and
Organ  (5 pages)

Sing a New Song unto the Lord         
A Festive Cantata for Voices  (Soprano Solo & SATB choir) and Organ  (16 pages) 
                            1.  Introduction 
                            2.  Prayer I 
                            3.  Trio                 
                            4.  Prayer II 
                            5.  Fugue 
                            6.  Finale

Sing Joyful Hymns and Songs of Praise
Hymn Anthem for Voices (SAB and Unison) and Organ   (10 pages)

Sing the Waters Ever Flowing   (Nettleton)
A Three-Verse Hymn  for Voices and Organ  (2 pages)

Unnumbered through the Ages
A Four Verse Hymn Anthem  for Voices and Organ   (9 pages)

Collections and Organ Accompaniments

Free Harmonizations  of  Familiar Hymn Tunes -- for Organ  ( in Two Volumes )
Volume 1   40  Free Harmonizations of  24  Familiar Hymn Tunes     
 to  Kremser]       (34 pages)
Volume 2   39  Harmonizations of  26  Familiar  Hymn  Tunes
[Land of Rest 
to  Woodbird]   (36 pages)

Johannes Brahms  --  "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings"    (7 pages) 
                ("Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen"), 
Chorus from  A German Requiem, Op. 45
Revised Accompaniment for Organ  

Gabriel Fauré  --  Requiem  in D Minor, Op. 48
  (32 pages)    
                Organ reduction from full score,  for accompaniment
                [ in 3-stave format, with detailed performance notations ]
                        I. Introit and Kyre; II. Offertoire; III. Sanctus; IV. Pie Jesu;
                       V. Agnus Dei; VI. Libera Me; VII. In Paradisum
[Available in the U.S.A. only]

George Frideric Handel  --  "Hallelujah" Chorus
  from The Messiah   (5 pages)
                (Organ reduction for accompaniment, organ score only, no text included)