Ennis Fruhauf
A Brief Mass Setting
for Voice and Organ
Rite II
(Organ Score -- 7 pages,  Unison Voice Parts -- 3 pages)

   I.     Gloria -- "Glory to God in the highest"
  II.     Kyrie  --  "Lord, have mercy"
 III.    Alleluia
 IV.    Memorial Acclamation  -- "Christ has died"
  V.     Amen
 VI.    Sanctus -- "Holy, holy, holy Lord"

VII.   Agnus Dei  -- "Lamb of God"


            A Brief Mass Setting  for Voices and Organ provides a sonorous accompanied setting of the Eucharist.  The choir/cantor/congregational unison parts are melodious and unified by recurring thematic materials.   In  all  movements  unison voice lines  are  doubled by the organ accompaniment for strong vocal support. This revised setting offers an eloquent enhancement to celebrations of  [Rite II]  Eucharists.

            The Gloria  appears in a thematic ABA' format, with an added Amen.  The  Kyrie (“Lord, have mercy”) and Alleluia share one musical setting, a responsorial chant between cantor – or choir – and congregation. Likewise, the Memorial Acclamation (“Christ has died...”) and Amen share another responsorial musical setting. The Sanctus (“Holy, holy”) borrows freely from thematic  materials  presented  in  the  “Lamb  of  God” text  from  the  mid-section  of  the  Gloria, ones that  recur once more in the Agnus  Dei (or “Lamb of God”) itself .