Unnumbered through the Ages
Anthem for Choir and Organ
Text  and  Music  by
Ennis  Fruhauf
(9 pages)

"Unnumbered through the Ages" is an expanded three verse hymn anthem for SATB choir and organ, based on an original text and melody; it celebrates the lives, spirits and legacies of countless saints through the ages. While appropriate for All Saints observances, the text's recurring imagery of light and enlightenment is also native to the spirit of Epiphany.

        A bold fanfare introduces the first verse in which the hymn is sung in unison with organ accompaniment. An extended organ interlude follows, presenting and then developing a counter-theme sixteen measures in length. After a motivic modulatory transition, the second verse reintroduces the counter-theme in combination with the hymn as sung by paired choral voices. The opening fanfares return to herald the third verse: here bold statements of consecutive phrases of the hymn tune are interspersed with brief fanfare interpolations made up of motives from the counter-theme. The codetta adds a traditional ‘Amen’ in motivic stretto that is shared imitatively by voices and organ. 

        Although conservative in terms of technical demands on vocal ensemble and organist, this anthem can be enhanced by imaginative use of an accompanying instrument, particularly when there are varied solo and chorus reeds available for flourishes and prominent melodic lines – including the counter-theme in all its varied guises and appearances.

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