Sing the Waters Ever Flowing

A  3-Verse Hymn  Anthem  for  SATB & Soprano Solo Voices and Organ
( 15 pages )
Tune:  Nettleton    [87. 87. D]

Original Text  and  Setting  by  Ennis Fruhauf


                                                            “Sing the Waters” is a traditionally rhymed and metered three‑verse hymn text. The first verse sings of waters and the Spirit; the second evokes images of light, rain and new growth; and finally, the third verse is an exhortation to preserve a 'Tree of Life' and to invoke the inner presence of a gentle guiding Shepherd. 

            The hymn tune, Nettleton, is drawn from John Wyeth’s
Repository of Sacred Music, Part  Second, (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 1813), where it appeared in an altered form with the tune name, “Hallelujah.” At one point in time, its authorship was ascribed to Ahasel Nettleton (1783-1844), and that name has survived into present day hymnals as its proper tune name.  [Hymnal Companion to The Lutheran Book of Worship, Philadelphia,

            The text is inspirational in nature, appropriate for general church seasons and occasions. The setting includes an elaborate obbligato organ accompaniment, in company with a rich array of 19th Century American romantic harmonies and textures.  The choral parts are varied in content and manner but readily accessible; organ registrations and interpretive elements will benefit from an imaginative and sensitive approach.

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