Creator Spirit, Hear Us, Gentle Lord
Anthem  for  Choir  and  Organ
Original Text and Music by
Ennis Fruhauf


        "Creator Spirit, hear us, Gentle Lord" is a three-verse hymn anthem, appropriate for the celebration of Pentecost. Its original text and tune invoke the presence of an indwelling spirit and sing of the triumphant powers of all-transforming holy forces.  The use of second-person pronouns and adjectives in their sacred forms (i.e., Thou, Thee) suggests an Anglican manner and tradition.

        The first verse, sung in the traditional four voices of an accompanied hymn, greets and welcomes the presence of the Creator Spirit. The second verse, in three voice harmony accompanied by the organ, prays for transformation and enlightenment by means of the living spirit of the Lord. Following a modulatory transition, the third verse is a fervent prayer, sung by unison voices, for the guidance and support of a transcendent creator spirit, and is concluded by an abbreviated "Amen."

        Creator Spirit
is conservative in its harmonies and textures but rich in content and traditional symbolism. The modulation to a new key level for the third verse parallels the affirmation of a renewed awareness and inner guiding presence. "Creator Spirit" is a resounding expression of the pentecostal spirit.

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