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    I Madonnari 2022:  Santa Barbara Mission
    Chalk Art Festival
 (High resolution.pdf optimized ca.26.5 MB )


                       Scenes and Views
: A Melange of  Pictures New & Old                       
  More Riparian Vistas, Backyard Blossoms, & I Madonnari 2018-19
 (High resolution.pdf optimized ca.120 MB )

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse
(.pdf optimized 18 MB)

Stained Glass & Shaped Stone: 
First United Methodist Church
(.pdf optimized 16 MB)

Two Neighbors:  Mission Santa Barbara &  Garden Street Academy
(.pdf optimized 16 MB)

The Santa Barbara Waterfront
East Beach, Stearns Wharf, The Breakwater & Boat Moorages
  (.pdf optimized 23 MB)


State Street Landings

           Downtown Scenes, Views & Vistas              
(.pdf optimized 52 MB)


Riparian Vistas
Views of Mission Creek Flora & Fauna
(.pdf optimized 53 MB)

I  Madonnari
-- June, 2015, selected chalk drawings
(.pdf optimized 26 MB)

A Holiday Season Picture Potpourri 2017
Backyard Blossoms, Zoo Denizens, I Madonnari,
Fiesta Mini-Carnival
, & more Blossoms


Through A Looking-Glass
Blossoms, Blooms & Buds, Plants & Trees

 Updated 06/2022

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About   Picture Postcards  from  Santa Barbara

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photographs in this rendered collection have been taken with a Sony Alpha series camera and three zoom lenses.  Multiple layers and treatments were prepared in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; layouts and presentations via Microsoft PowerPoint include page backgrounds and frequent use of onboard image-framing tools.
      All pictures have been prepared and adapted by an amateur photographer and illustrator who wishes to acknowledge and thank Santa Barbara City College--Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning for providing invaluable community instruction, for enabling new endeavors and broadening personal horizons.  Sincere apologies are duly offered for countless lapses of all kinds -- and at all levels -- visible to the eyes of viewers; the project is hosted in good spirit, with the intention of providing some uniquely individualized sights and scenes to be found in abundance in these local landscapes.

Ennis Fruhauf


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