Ennis Fruhauf
Prelude and Fugue
in  C Minor  for  Clavier  
[Piano, harpsichord, clavichord, etc.]
(6 pages)      


        Prelude and Fugue in C Minor (for Clavier) assumes the form and manner of a latter Baroque keyboard composition, pairing two movements together that share similar contrapuntal traits.  It was inspired by the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach's two volumes of the Well Tempered Clavier and adheres to some of the models, structures and traits found therein.

        The prelude alternates between stately and somber chordal progressions and contrastingly animated sections in light contrapuntal imitation.  The fugue is traditional in structure, expressively chromatic in its tonalities, and elegiac in nature.  In keeping with Baroque tradition, few interpretive instructions or markings have been added.

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