Sing Joyful Hymns and Songs of Praise
Anthem  for Choir and Organ
(10 pages)
Original Text and Music by
Ennis  Fruhauf


    "Sing joyful hymns and songs of praise" is a three-verse hymn anthem for voices and organ, based on an original text and tune. The text is trinitarian in nature: its first verse refers to the creation of the world and the gift of a savior; the second verse celebrates the life of Jesus and his sacrifice for humankind; and the third verse portrays the wonder and glory of the Holy Spirit as an invisible but guiding force and an integral component of a triune divinity.

    As a musical setting, "Sing joyful hymns and songs of praise" begins with an organ introduction and presents the hymn in unison voices with organ accompaniment. The second verse is a gentle three-voice motet (with keyboard ad lib.), followed by an extended transition that builds forcefully and dynamically to the triumphant third verse. "Shout psalms of thankfulness," the ensuing text, is sung by unison voices to a free organ harmonization, while a soprano line flows above in a free descant; the organ concludes with a brief reference to the powerful transition that introduced the third verse.

    "Sing joyful hymns and songs of praise" is modest in scope and technical demands, but the motet setting of the second verse is detailed in its syllabic text setting and use of three independent voices. The organ accompaniment, when present, can offer a dramatic and climactic element to the setting, particularly in the third and concluding verse.

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