Picture Postcards  from  Santa Barbara
Orders and Special Requests

photographs in Picture Postcards from Santa Barbara were taken with a Sony Alpha series camera and varied zoom lenses.  Multiple layers and treatments were prepared in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; layouts and presentations via Microsoft PowerPoint include page backgrounds and frequent use of onboard image-framing tools.

Please address requests for reuse or reapplication of images contained herein to:
Eafruhauf@aol.com  or  frumus01@aol.com.

If viewers wish to purchase augmented files for any individual illustrations, please note:
    a.)  The present copies are in optimized .jpg format, reduced to 150 ppi
b.)  Individual pre-optimized and pre-reduction files are available
(ave. 12-60 MB)
   --@ $50 ea.--
c.)  Revised, resized or reprocessed .jpg, .ai, or .tif files are available (ave. 20-100 MB)   --@ $100-200 ea.--
    d.)  Delivery is by Internet Email attachments)

To Order:  Please Email detailed requests to either of the two addresses provided above.  Payment is available through PayPal.com, requiring buyer registration and online enrollment:  PayPal will require the following Email address and account information for requested transactions. Indicate payment to: Fruhauf Music Publications; if asked, provide the following frumuspub business identification Email address 
contact@frumuspub.net--  [not  an active communication link]

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