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OS.1 $   26.00 Early American Hymn Tunes, Settings for Organ 
OS.1a      10.00       ** Fantasy on Morning Song
OS.2      24.00 Hymns for All Seasons, Settings for Organ
OS.2a        8.00     ** A Baroque Partita on Ein Feste Burg, Four Variations for Organ 
OS.2b      12.00     ** Seven Variations on a Noel
OS.3      22.00 Hymn Tunes from The British Isles,  Volume 1
OS.3a      12.00       ** Carillon-Toccata on St. Anne
OS.4      22.00 Hymn Tunes from The British Isles,  Volume 2
OS.4a      10.00     ** Fantasy on Down Ampney  
OS.5      22.00  Germanic Hymn Tunes, Settings for Organ
OS.5a     10.00      ** Toccata on Lasst Uns Erfreuen
OS.6      22.00  Plainchant Hymn Tunes, Settings for Organ
OS.6a        8.00      ** Prelude et Choral fugue on  Conditor Alme Siderum
OS.7       TBA            ##  Hymn Tune Settings, Six Vols.
OS.8      21.00  Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes, Volume 1
OS.9      21.00  Free Harmonizations of Hymn Tunes, Volume 2
OS.10      36.00           ##  Free Harmonizations, Vols. 1 & 2 
OS.11        7.00  An English Suite   
OS.12      16.00  Variations on Veni Creator Spiritus
OS.13      21.00  J. S. Bach:  Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor
OS.14      21.00 J. S. Bach:  Fantasia & Fugue in C Minor  (Fragment with Completion, two 12-page booklets)  
OS.15        7.00  J. Brahms: "How Lovely" (Requiem)  [Org. accomp. only, no text]
OS.16        6.00  H. W. Davies:  Solemn Melody  [available in N.A. only]
OS.17      21.00  G. Faure:  Requiem in D Minor  [Org. Accomp. only, no text]
OS.18      21.00  C. Franck: Interlude Symphonique, Redemption  [available in N.A. only]
OS.19      12.00 C. Franck:  Sept Pieces in C Major and C Minor    [available in N.A. only]
OS.20        7.00  G. F. Handel: "Hallelujah" Chorus (Messiah)    [Org. accomp. only, no text]   
OS.21      11.00  Johann Pachelbel: Partita  on "Was Gott tut"  [Legal, spiral-bound]
OS.22      18.00  A Baroque Sampler: Vol. I       -- J. S. Bach
OS.22a     10.00       ** Johann Sebastian Bach  --  Sinfonia from Cantata No. 29
OS.23      18.00  A Baroque Sampler: Vol. II     -- G. F. Handel 
OS.23a       9.00        ** G. F. Handel:  Organ Concerto in Bb Major
OS.24      18.00  A Baroque Sampler: Vol. III    -- Continent and British Isles
OS.24a        8.00        ** F. Couperin:  Passacaille
OS.25       18.00 A Baroque Sampler: Vol. IV    -- Continent and British Isles 
OS.25a        9.00       ** J.K.F. Fischer:  Praeludium VIII in G Major & Chaconne 
OS.26      18.00  A Baroque Sampler: Vol. V      -- Continent and British Isles
OS.26a       9.00      ** A. Vivaldi:  Lute Concerto in D Major
    75.00            ##  A Baroque Sampler, Five Vols.
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N.B.   Single examination copies include a surcharge that will be re-funded and applied to subsequent orders for sets of 4 or more copies. All orders are processed and printed on demand at retail shop rates.
CO.1    $      6.00      ____    $   8.00 A Brief Mass Setting for Voices and Organ
CO.2         12.00       ____       18.00  An English Cantata
CO.3           7.00       ____         9.00  A Starlit Night It Was in Bethlehem
CO.4         7.00       ____        9.00  A Whispered Prayer
CO.5           7.00       ____         9.00   Creator Spirit, Hear Us, Gentle Shepherd
CO.6           5.00       ____         8.00  Picardy -- Choral Meditation
CO.7         11.00       ____       16.00  Sing a New Song unto the Lord
CO.8           7.00       ____         9.00  Sing Joyful Hymns and Songs of Praise
CO.9           9.00       ____       14.00 Sing the Waters Ever Flowing
          7.00       ____
        9.00 Unnumbered Through the Ages

    For Carillon only, circle or check format preference:   Bound  or   Unbound
CS.1  $    18.00  An Album for the Carillon, Vol.  I
CS.2        18.00  An Album for the Carillon, Vol. II
CS.3        28.00         ##  An Album for the Carillon,  Vols. I & II      
CS.4        10.00  A Cranbrook Suite for Carillon
CS.5          6.00  Elegy for Carillon   
CS.6          8.00  Prelude and Fugue in C Minor (Clavier)
CS.7          6.00  Serenade for Keyboard (Harp or Piano)
CS.8       12.00  Sonata in the Baroque Style (Carillon, Harp or Keyboard)  
CS.9        15.00 A Triptych of Martin Luther Hymns  (Carillon)
CS.10         8.00  Jesse's Song: Hymn of Peace  (Carillon Duo)   ~~ Bound only, available September 2014

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