A Baroque Chorale Prelude on
for Organ  (cantus firmus in the pedal)
(5 pages of music)


The Welsh hymn tune, Hyfrydol (i.e. ‘lovely’), first appeared in the composer’s handbook of children’s songs, Cyfaill y Cantorion ("The Singers' Friend"), published in 1844. The melody has subsequently been paired up with several other hymn texts, notably Charles Wesley’s “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”, and “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”.

This elaborate setting for organ features an augmented cantus firmus presentation of the hymn tune melody in the pedal (but sounding in the tenor range). The left hand assumes the role of an active bass line to accompany a treble clef soprano-alto duet. The setting takes its structure from and is modeled after similar large scale Baroque chorale preludes based on familiar tunes from 17th and 18th–century  European church organ music traditions.

N.B. This composition was originally assigned to and copyrighted by Concordia Publishing House, and published in 1997 [Welsh Hymn Tune Preludes, 1997, Catalog No. 97-6671; OOP in 2007]; the copyright was reassigned to the author in 2007, and the layout has undergone subsequent revisions for this publication.  E.F

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