An  English  Suite
for  Keyboard  or  Organ

An English Suite is a curious but charming Rococo anomaly in four movements for keyboard, whether piano, harpsichord, clavichord, or with its optional pedal lines for organ. 

The first movement, Promenade, presents a stately and rhythmically intricate melody, eight measures in length, above a simple bass ostinato.  These two voices repeat their duet in treble and bass registers, but with each repetition a new voice is introduced, ending in a four-part texture. A light Dance in triple meter follows: although akin to a menuet, it is rhythmically and metrically unstable. The dance is followed by a sonorous and harmonically venturesome Interlude, after which the Promenade returns with an affirmative cadence to conclude the suite.

Interpretation of An English Suite could readily include use of manual changes, contrasting timbres and registrations, and an expressive range of touches and rubato to enhance the varied nature of each movement.  The Promenade provides a solemn march (in triple meter, no less), for formal processionals and occasions, and the two middle movements will offer timely musical interludes when needed.