A Baroque Sampler   
in  Five Volumes 
Volume II

Music of

George Frideric Handel

Table of Contents

A Water Music Suite
 in  F Major - Grave    
            Menuet  in  F Major & Trio in  D Minor     
            Air  in  F Major  (Trois fois
            Andante  in  D Minor
            [Loure in  D Major        

            Coro  in  D Major     
in  G Major      
in  D Major (and  B Minor)

Royal Fireworks Music   Overture  in  D Major     
Sarabande  &  Two Variations  in  D Minor       
Entry  of  the Queen  of  Sheba   Sinfonia
 from  Solomon, Act III    

Organ Concerto  in  B-flat Major, Op. 6, No. 4                                     
            I.  Andante allegro 
           II.  Larghetto               **
Available as a single issue
          III.  Allegro moderato

39 pages of music
Title Pages, Tables of Contents, Foreword, Notes, Music Scores, Afterword
Softbound  8 ½ x 11