November 2016
Complimentary Score

Intermezzo on

Mariners Hymn
A Hymn Tune Setting for Organ

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Intermezzo on Mariners Hymn is a gentle serenade for organ; it presents an evocative church and folk melody with a flowing vitality often found in the classical tradition of an intermezzo,  or ‘interlude.’

The  melody,  of  non-specific  European  origin,  dates  from  the  latter 18th century:  known as "
O Sanctissima,“ it is a Roman Catholic hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, first published in 1792, and often sung on Marian feast days.  Although the tune is claimed by some as Sicilian in origin, it is also known as "Mariners Hymn“, and yet another version can be found in "O du fröhliche", a German Christmas carol with lyrics celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Following  a brief introduction, the gentle strains of a mariner’s hymn are heard in the soprano voice, accompanied by flowing triplet figura-tions, followed by a soulful reemergence of the tune, presented again in the soprano, but this time against a slowly rocking syncopated accompaniment.  For the recapitulatory statement, a counter-melody is woven in duet around the hymn tune. A brief codetta recalls the mid-section  statement, providing a sense of return to ‘safe harbor and calm seas’.

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