In celebration of

The Lutheran Reformation -- 500 Years

A complimentary setting of
Ein Feste Burg

Chorale Prelude for Organ
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to view the photographic hymnal reproduction below, food for thought . . .
and for comparison with Luther's own manuscript (with text underlay)
 as displayed on the inside cover of the PDF booklet.

One of only very few early printings of Luther's hymn: "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." There are no known first edition printings left. This book is a second edition, and extremely rare. It is in the holdings of the Lutherhaus museum in Wittenberg, Germany. Photograph by Paul T. McCain. June 2006. Wittenberg, Germany.

Luther Ein Feste Burg

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A new edition of the partita has been significantly revised and reformatted with wider margins and visual enhancements throughout.  It is now available as a printed booklet. For more details, please read on.

                      Notes from A Baroque Partita for Organ, Variation II

    Here is the second
of four variations on Martin Luther’s isometric hymn tune. An ornamented version of the chorale melody appears in the soprano voice, accompanied by the left hand and underpinned by an active pedal bass line.  The setting is similar in scale and structure to some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s ornamented Orgelbüchlein chorale preludes.  Registration will depend on instrument, occasion and interpretation.
    This special publication is offered in celebration of the five-hundredth year anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.  It also celebrates one of Martin Luther's hymn texts and tunes, one in particular that has come to provide a source of strength, faith and spirit, particularly in times of trial and unrest.
    Each of these four settings of Luther’s hymn tune features the chorale melody in a different form and texture:  the first is a three-voice motet for keyboard, with the tune set in augmented note values and sounded in the bass registers by the pedal; the second is a highly ornamented soprano coloratura aria with accompaniment.  The third variation offers a dancing three-voice fugal gigue with the pedaled cantus firmus added in the tenor register; and the fourth setting is a richly harmonized chorale featuring passaggio transitions between each phrase of the hymn tune.

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